Quality Requirements for a Good Internet Network for Playing Online Games and Agen Bola Resmi

The quality of a good internet network is the key to the success of an internet business. One business that still exists at this time is the online computer game rental business and judi bola.

For those of you who want to build an online game cafe business, you must understand the quality requirements of the internet network to play online games before thinking about computer specs browsing online games. This aims to make your business more advanced and can compete with other internet rental services businesses.

Already not a few who ask the quality criteria for internet networks to play online games like what? As well as the specifications of computer online games like what? For all internet cafes, understanding these two matters is very important. This needs to be done if you want to find a good quality internet network, and certainly can improve the quality of playing our online games.

Currently there are not a few Android online games that are not played a little. But basically, the criteria and quality of the network to play online games on the computer is the same as playing online games on android. Now the difference is between an internet provider with fiber cable with a provider with 4G or more mobile signals.

Just like Agen Bola Resmi that has spread to Android by downloading the application on the playstore. Usually the games he offers are not only about the ball, but there are also interesting games like shooting fish, casino, blackjack and many more. With the existence of Android in the current era, it is very easy for players to access.

The Essence of Ping Helps Gaming without Lag

Lagging when playing online games can indeed make anyone instantly bad mood. More fun playing, suddenly the opponent plays disappears and is present repeatedly on the screen. Have you ever felt the same, sparcer? If so, it could be that your Ping is too high. Take it easy, you can handle this business, how come.

Is that Ping?

Ping refers to the size of the connection speed you have when playing online games. So, it can be said that a responsive internet connection does not only depend on download and upload speeds, but also Ping. For example, spacer, you have Ping for 95ms. This means that your computer needs 95ms of time to respond to requests from other computers. In other words, so that you can play online games without lagging, the number of pings must be as small as possible.

If the Ping that you have is more than 1000, the online game that you play will not be a little delay and certainly super annoying. Imagine if you were playing an online racing game or first-person shooting game, spacer. High ping will definitely make you lose before fighting!

How to measure ping?

Before playing online games, you can measure Ping using Speedtest.net, a tool to test online connections that are very popular on the internet. If your Ping is under 20ms, there is nothing you need to worry about, sparcer. However, you need to be careful when Ping indicates a number above 150ms. A high Ping number will create your performance slower than your opponent so you don’t get maximum in the online playground. You definitely don’t want to lose just because of high Ping, right?

Can Ping Be Reduced?

The good news is that the Ping level can be reduced. The first and easiest way you can do is to block all programs and windows on the PC next to the one you use to play online games. Also make sure there are no download activities that take place because the business can be dominant in Ping.

In addition, Ping can also be affected if there are different people in your home who are accessing online services with high bandwidth like Netflix or Hulu. The fewer devices that use the same internet connection, the higher the Ping you will get.

the device you use when playing online games is also quite dominant, you know. The level of sophistication of the device is often directly proportional to connection skills. You can use the Acer Aspire GX-785 which has been supported by the latest wireless technology standards, namely 802.11 ac. Thanks to this technology, the Aspire GX has the most optimal internet connection skills. Not to mention the 7th generation Intel Core processor and DDR4 RAM which will create your online gaming experience more exciting, sparcer!

Now you already know how urgent Ping is for your game play. So be sure to adjust Ping on your device as well as possible, yes.