A Father To The Fatherless…A Lover of My Soul

Hello Tea Sisters,
As always when I come across a poem, letter or a good message that speaks volumes to me I want to always share it with you.  This poem comes at a time of healing for me.  There are so many times I battle with loneliness, sadness and fear, so when I read this from my “Loop” series I just had to share it with you.
We are in a season of happiness for some and great loneliness for others.  No matter what state of emotion flux you find yourself in read this beautiful letter that is written to us from the Father of all Love.  I pray you do enjoy!
“The night is far gone; the day is at hand. So then let us cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light” (Romans 13:12).

This is not the end, you know. Even though, this day, it may feel like it. This is the day I begin again. The day I begin again in you.

 Your weariness is only temporary. Your sadness is fleeting, even though it feels like it will never end, never subside, never go away. You, my love, are sunshine. You are kisses of light upon flower petals when they stretch for light, for Me. I’m here.
I am present, my daughter. I kiss your face with my hope. I grasp hold of sorrow with a single hand and I usher it away, bit by bit. I know you want it washed away with a quick brush, a dashing movement. I could do that. But I want you to look to Me, now, child. I want you to wait on Me and recognize Me when I come for you. I want you to practice recognizing beauty and hope. I want you to wait on moments where hope feels too far away to imagine it as real. And then I want you to throw out doubt, just throw it out to the depths of hell, where sin was cast with the last breath of my Son’s words, choosing Me, seeking Me, looking to Me.

I cannot stop loving you. I cannot stop. I cannot stop chasing you, pursuing you, looking for you. Oh, girl, you are not my lost one. You are not hopeless or far from Me. I am here, and I come to hold you and lift your head to the light shining brightly on your face. Do you see it? Do you see how light comes to shine? Do you see how it came for you and how it rescued you and how light shines through all darkness so darkness, with Me close, is no more?

 Do you know how all shadows are chased away with a choice to see Me? You can do this. You can see Me. You can see Me moving you, one step at a time, from this place where you feel you need rescue and I show you how I have already come and I come again. I never stop coming for you, my daughter. You are not alone, and it is not too late, and you have not done anything to chase Me away. You cannot chase Me away.  
You are beloved and holy because I have made you so. You are lovely and clean because I have made you that way. You are brand new and adored and shame cannot find you. Find your name written on my hand; respond to my voice;  know the name called out to you, in the light—my voice calling out when darkness feels all around but I show you I am here. In the light.  Darkness isn’t around Me. And you are with Me. So darkness is not there, too.

Light all around my love. Light all around.