A Lifted Heart

Today I woke up with an emotional heart. I tried to start my day like I usually do with a cup of hibiscus tea, grapes and my devotional time with the Lord, listening to my music, quietly reading my Bible, and praying.  For some odd reason I didn’t feel my usual connection.  I mean my peace of mind, body and soul was still longing for something deeper, but I didn’t know exactly what.

I began searching through some of my letters that I had received in the past from the “Loop..what women need to know series”, and I found these two letters that I just had to share.

Loop sends out letters that were written as though God Himself wrote them with His own hand. These letters always seems to come to me at the right time.  I keep most of them, and share a lot of them.  I hope you will enjoy them and know that The Father is there with you in your quiet room, your busy house and/or your noisy car.  You are never alone.  You are very Loved!!

I Know What You Love

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you” (Isaiah 60:1).

Oh, daughter, what do you love? I know what it is, you know.  I know what it is you love. There is a daughter who lifts her hands and wonders if I see her. There is a daughter who feels reckless with her heart, who is not sure if it is what she can trust. There is a girl who is afraid to call Me “home”. One day you will be gathered. One day what you love will be made even more clear. One day all hands will be joined—not one hand forgotten. All hands raised. All voices lifted. All hearts opened. All souls rescued. Oh, girl, I rescue. There will be praising and your glory will shine. Daughter, I know what you love. Ask Me. Search Me. Listen to Me. Your name is written—your character formed yet continuing to be made new. Oh, My Delight, the daughter I rescue, let me show you more of Me. Let Me show you where I am and how I speak to you. Let Me grasp your hand. See Me beholding you. I show you what you love. And then, daughter, do those things you love with Me. What I’ve given for you to love is my heart in you. Try it out. See more of Me. Hear Me more. Watch Me move in you. Come on now. I’ve got you. I’ve got you. Rescued One, you are redeemed. Beautiful One, you shine so brightly, with Me. You are here, here with Me. I gather you. I am for you. You are my desire.



“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid” (John 14:27).

You are made to remember Me . . . and forget Me, too. I gave you a mind to think and be influenced by many things. You hear this and feel that. What you read and see and hear─the experiences you have in this world─all shape you, influence how you view the world and how you choose to live in it. Your heart, too, is unique in how it is not wired to love Me, like a machine obeys a command. A machine does not feel. The heart I give you can love many things. And yes, you can forget me, get distracted by this world and pull away from Me, stop loving Me. And yes, it breaks my heart─and angers Me, too. I both pursue you and surrender you when I made you. I knew you would come to know Me, follow Me. But I knew you would be pulled away from Me, too. And this is why I keep pulling you back. Right here, right now, you are pursuing Me. You lean in and listen and seek and desire more than what is physically seen in this world. Go deeper, child. I chase you, and you can run away. But you can chase Me, too, and I will never turn away from you. I woo you. I desire you. But girl, when you forget me, I don’t stop desiring you. I don’t stop loving you. I do not do as the world does. I am not fickle and impatient. I am not distracted. I know who I love. You are here, now, not forgetting Me. You are here, now, letting yourself be pursued. You are here, now, surrendering . . . aren’t you? Let me purify your heart so you know what you pursue and why you do it. Let me woo you with kindness and love so your head is cleared and your heart knows what love is. I come from a pure place, knowing every piece of you. Just turn, a little bit, towards me. I will help you turn even more.