Membership Guidelines

Eligibility: If you have a love of Tea, a heart for others, and a desire to learn more about the world of Tea, then the Tea Sisters Society is the organization for you.

Annual Dues: Dues for members are $30.00 per calendar year. Calendar year is January 1, to December 31, of each year. In order to consider you an active member, dues must be received by the first day of January of each calendar year unless other arrangements have been made. If no previous arrangements have been made and your dues are not received, you will receive a letter regarding your inactive status. In addition, inactive members will not be allowed to participate in the monthly meetings or activities until their membership is current.

Membership Application: A potential new member must complete an application and submit the $30.00 membership dues before she is officially a member. The initial membership dues cover the cost of the Tea starter bag. Dues is payable by personal check, money order or cash. Dues are not pro-rated and non-refundable. Checks and money orders can be made out to the Tea Sisters Society.

Attendance: If you are unable to attend the meeting/event, please contact us within 48 hours of the scheduled meeting/event. The schedule of meeting/events will be given out each year in January, which will give each member ample opportunity to plan.

Resignation or Termination: Each member must submit a written request to the Board Stating the reason for withdrawal from the Tea Sisters Society. Termination of membership shall be reviewed and approved by majority vote of the Board.