I have been invited to my first family reunion.  The reunion is on my father’s side.  Well I started packing for MY trip back to Georgia.   I am packed and ready to go to Georgia and bear the heat and humidity.  But complaining will not be the point of the article.  The point of this article is family.

What does it mean to be a family?

I found this poem that really speaks to Family Reunion


It is a time to remember,

a time to celebrate…

a time to share old memories,

and make new memories.


A time to see each other

in the faces all around us

and find reflections of ourselves

in hearts both found this poem that really speaks to Family Reunion and old.


A reunion is a coming together

that strengthens the bond of family

and reminds us of the gift of belonging.


A chance to share our history.

A reason to celebrate our past.

A  time to welcome our future…




This is what was posted on my family reunion t-shirt:





I think that I shall never see the finish of a family tree.

As it forever seems to grow

From roots that started long ago

Way back in ancient history times,

In foreign land and distant climes.

From them grew trunk and branching limb,

That dated back to times so dim.

One seldom knows exactly when

The parents met and married then,

Nor when the twigs began to grow

With odd name children row on row…

Though verse like this is made by me,

the end’s in sight as you can see.

“tis not the same with family trees

That grow and grow through centuries!


The Return Flight Back to My Reality

I loved my time with my family.  It was hot, and down right stormy and then humid.  I forgot how loud the thunder roar and how quick the rain fell.  If you are not prepared it would drown you where you stand.  Again, this was not an article of complaint.


I can truly say living out here in California for almost 30 years, with just my husband and son, I really had forgotten the deep rooted meaning of a family.  It has always been just the three of us in one house.  It has also been a false sense of quiet control.  I was thinking that nothing could destroy my little world.  We know people who have faced job loss, property loss, death of loved ones, health issues, wars and more wars.  We can focus on the losses, but I tell you if you do you would really be urting yourself.  Try this, concentrate of the gains.  Think about what comes out of losses.  A new perception.  A wider outlook.  What happened for me was, out of the midst of all my loss, came marriage (daughter-in-law) and then four little people (grand babies) and a dog.  Wow my family is growing! That sense of quiet control has totally been disrupted, but it has been AWESOME!!!!!  SO WORTH IT!!!!


If this article speaks anything to you I pray that it says get out of your comfort zone, reach past yourself and touch the life of a family member.  Touch a life of a family member that does not live in your house.  Let go and forgive all the offenses.  By holding on to them will only keep an ugly, raggedy, rotten, smell in your nostrils whenever the thought of that person or persons. Okay so be the more giving person, by opening yourself up.


Family is Family.  They come in different shapes, colors and styles.  They are Your FAMILY!